What We Do

Yereq Geo is supporting the reduction in greenhouse gases caused by transportation by providing turnkey education courses for electric vehicle fueling solutions throughout world that consist of fueling infrastructure, a cloud-based software platform that provides payment processing, scheduling and maintenance ticketing for the fueling infrastructure, and support services for persons using the fueling infrastructure.  We license our EV fueling management software platform, including web portals and mobile apps for drivers to find and use charging stations, to fueling solution providers throughout the world so that they can easily stand up their own charging networks for their local drivers.


Charging Stations Media

Especially public, but also semi-public charging points should be designed attractively to make the charging process of the electric vehicle as pleasant as possible for the user, that's the way green mobility enthusiasts will be happy to come back and earn YGE tokens every time they charger on our network. With our adaption of Yereq media omni-channel programmatic advertising platform, we can reach over 700 million unique selling points to boost advertisement and revenue for our members.